Short Flapper Wigs and 20's Costume Wigs

    Short Flapper Wigs to create the perfect speakeasy costume. Roaring 20's costume wigs and Flapper Wigs for just the right Chicago image. Let the Gatsby period come alive and dance the Charleston into the twilight hours. All kinds of costume ideas can be found from the 1920's era. A time when gangsters ruled the streets and bathtub gin sparkled every lip. Characters like Al Capone, The Untouchables and Big Mama stole the hot evenings away from the laws of prohibition. This was a time of wildfire romance and endless trouble for those willing to take the bet. Recapture the age of American gangsters and flappers on the lawless streets of Chicago. Legends and timeless names were born during this time. America was undergoing growing pains from industrial expansion and wealth. The west had been tamed and fortunes amassed by high stakes gamblers looking now for a good time. The city of Chicago attracted them all and was the demise of many it lead astray. Big money and big players in a big town.     An active time in American history filled with an array of costume ideas for roaring twenties parties, speakeasy events and flapper costumes. To complete your idea and flapper wig we also carry many other accessories reminiscent of the prohibition period. Many price ranges to fit any costume budget from deluxe to discount. Plenty of fancy boas, cigarette holders and feather headbands as well as many other items we offer to make your costume truly memorable. All types of add on accessory items to take you back to the 1920's and flavor to your special event.

Costume Wigs & Accessories

Costume Wigs & Accessories

Lulu Flapper Wig

Extra fine fiber for great color reproduction.
Short and sassy for roaring 20's
parties and speakeasy fun. A cute curl at the
check and feathered short back make this one
of our most popular short flapper wigs.

Black (1920BK) $38

Brown (1920BR) $38

Lt. Blonde (1920LB) $38

Blonde (1920BL) $38

Auburn (1920AU) $38

Henna Red (1920HR) $38

White (1920W) $38

Ms. Boop

Classic Betty curls and center part for
a value price. The perfect costume wig
that makes this character come alive.

(529) $22

Costume Wigs


Street wear quality fiber and
bright color reproduction makes
a nice flapper party wig. Many
bright colors are also available.
The Black makes a terrific
'Chicago' Velma hairstyle.

Costume Wigs & Accessories

Black (1399BK) $28

Lt. Brown (1399LBN) $28

Brown (1399BR) $28

Dk. Brown (1399DB) $28

Lt. Blonde (1399LBL) $28

Blonde (1399BL) $28

Auburn (1399AU) $28

Black (1394BK) $28

Lt. Brown (1394LBN) $28

Brown (1394BR) $28

Dk. Brown (1394DB) $28

Lt. Blonde (1394LB) $28

Blonde (1394BL) $28

Auburn (1394AU) $28


Quality street wear fiber and color reproduction, great for flappers.
Costume Wigs


Costume Wigs & Accessories

Black (1396BK) $28

Lt. Brown (1396LBN) $28

Brown (1396BR) $28

Dk. Brown (1396DB) $28

Lt. Blonde (1396LB) $28

Blonde (1396BL) $28

Auburn (1396AU) $28

Black (52907BK) $18

Dk. Brown (52907DB) $18

Med. Brown (52907MB) $18

Lt. Blonde (52907LB) $18

Blonde (52907BL) $18

Auburn (52907AU) $18

Strawberry Bl. (52907SB) $18

Bargain Flapper Wig

Short discount wig in a bargain fiber.
Fair color reproduction at a bargain price.

Costume Wigs

Discount Flapper Wigs

An economy short wig for flappers and
Cleopatra characters. Inexpensive fiber
and fair color reproduction for basic
costume use. An economy flapper wig
at an economy price for limited basic use.

Costume Wigs & Accessories

Black (52192BK) $12

Blonde (52192BL) $12

Henna Red (52192HR) $12

White (52192WH) $12

Red (52192RD) $12

Orange (52192OR) $12

Yellow (52192YL) $12

Green (52192GR) $12

Blue (52192BU) $12

Pink (52192PK) $12

Purple (52192PU) $12

Burgandy (52192BG) $12

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